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Dulini River Lodge

“The true value of Hospitalians training, for anyone within the service industry, is the back-to-the-core ‘Heart of Hospitality’. A reminder of what service excellence is, why we strive for it, and the role each individual plays in creating an outstanding guest experience by ‘Living Hospitality’. Yolande is dynamic and spirited and brings passion, enthusiasm and an exceptionally high degree of service excellence. Her training is engaging, interactive, varied and above all fun. Yolande tailor-made the agenda to suit a mixed group of guest-facing staff and her ability to manage a large group and get everyone involved made the training particularly valuable as a team-building exercise. Testament to our belief in Yolande’s vast hospitality experience and service excellence is that Dulini asked her to return shortly after the training to assist with the installation of Dulini River Lodge after a major rejuvenation project. Yolande was able to immediately immerse herself in the team and effectively bring about a successful opening of the lodge. Her drive, commitment and professionalism were an inspiration to all those who worked side-by-side with her.”
– Ian & Sue Garratt (Co-owners) – Dulini Collection