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Gondwana Game Reserve

“In May and June 2017, Yolande Bruwer joined our Team at Gondwana Game Reserve, for an entire month to spend some quality time with all of us in doing Training. This was divided into a few sections, namely, Hospitality Training – 2 days, Waiter Training which was 6 days, Housekeeping Training for 3 days and 1 day each for Front of House, Spa, and Rangers. Part of this training was also to set up and finalise SOP;s for each area, so going forward so we would have a set standards to work with. Some of the key factors in the 2 day Hospitality Training were Getting to know each other, Stepping into Greatness, Who are our Guests, First Impressions, Choosing your attitude !! Etiquette and manners, Body language to name a few !! Staff had great fun learning all these different areas and really benefitted from the insight. In regards to the Waiter Training, the staff covered areas such as Daily Prep, Guest Interaction, Service in all areas, And basics of Food and Beverage products.

Overall, the programme was very successful in all areas, and the staff found a lot of positive in all the material. Thank you to Yolande for your wonderful way of dealing and Training the Team !!”
– Dean Pitt – GM Gondwana Game Reserve