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Leopard Hills (function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-5f68f23fd3465{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery); “Yolande is an amazing trainer and super passionate about what she does. She has a way of immediately passing on that passion and enthusiasm to the team that she is providing the training for. After the training the team morale was


Dulini River Lodge (function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-5f68f2400451b{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery); "The true value of Hospitalians training, for anyone within the service industry, is the back-to-the-core ‘Heart of Hospitality’. A reminder of what service excellence is, why we strive for it, and the role each individual plays in creating an outstanding


Gondwana Game Reserve (function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-5f68f2402ec3c{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery); “In May and June 2017, Yolande Bruwer joined our Team at Gondwana Game Reserve, for an entire month to spend some quality time with all of us in doing Training. This was divided into a few sections, namely, Hospitality Training


Makalali Private Game Lodge (function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-5f68f2406c4e2{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery); With the recent complete refurb of Makalali River lodge and the brand new addition of Makalali Main lodge (in 2017), Yolande assisted in the following areas: Interviewing of 120+ staff, reference checks and provided recommendations of employment for the