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Training Modules


Please note: 
The below timing is an estimate as it would depend on the respective property or establishment’s requirements.
Timings are finalised during the planning phase.


Vital for all staff, on all levels, and includes discussions, role pay and workshopping topics such as attitudes, personal presentation, people skills, etiquette and manners.

This training is often disregarded as common knowledge, however in my experience, staff are often recruited locally, have diverse cultural backgrounds and have never been exposed to this type of information or training.

Duration – 1 day


To formulate a formidable team, all staff need to understand (or be reminded of) the respective company’s ethos – their mission, vision and values. This combined with what is promised to the guests or customers is vital to know what is expected from the individuals. We aim to bridge the gap between the two completely different worlds – the guest or customer and the staff member’s. We explore topics such as cultural sensitivity, the journey to get to the front door and the ever-changing luxury traveller’s expectations. We share useful tools on how to become more sensitive to the guests’ needs and how to exceed the guests’ or customer’s expectations

Duration – 1.5 days


As we know there is a global movement and awareness of our effect on the planet and with that the expectation from guests and customers is to be more sensitive to the environments we operate. This is not a luxury, but rather a necessity. So often I have seen companies going through a lot of trouble to be more sustainable, but staff were never informed or trained to communicate this to the guests or customers.

We discuss what sustainability is, what is some of the main problems globally, what does it mean in my world? We encourage responsible tourism and all staff need to know their role in this

Duration – 1/2 day

'We are in the business of hospitality and hospitality is everyone's business.'


This training is specifically aimed for lodge staff members expected to help set the scene and host guests at meal times – often joining for meals. This responsibility may fall on the guide or ranger, front line staff, spa/massage therapists and/or heads of departments. To dot the i’s and cross the t’s it’s important to understand how to create a beautiful scene, what your responsibilities are and some table manners and etiquette.

Duration – 1/2 day

F&B 101

We workshop what the daily, weekly and monthly responsibilities are for the different positions – waiters, butlers, barmen and runners. We ensure that all meal setups are trained, together with what service preparations are required. We workshop the menus and cover the different mealtime service expectations. Wherever required product knowledge (coffee, tea, wine, spirits, beers and cocktails) can be covered.

This training excludes all health, safety and emergency protocol and procedures

Duration – 3 days


In addition to being able to provide an unforgettable, interactive game drive experience, the ranger/guide and tracker need to understand that ultimately, they are a host as well. This training covers the hospitality side of the game drive experience. We workshop the game drive drink setups for morning coffee and afternoon sundowners, discuss being sensitive to guests needs and linking with the rest of the team. Guiding is not a one man show!

This training excludes game drive techniques, driving, shooting, health, safety and emergency protocol and procedures

Duration – 1 day


As with the guides and rangers, the spa therapists offer an experience. As hosts, this applies from the arrival at the spa until the departure, the room and bed setup, sensory sensitivity, cultural sensitivity and discreet selling.

This training excludes all product training, massage techniques, health, safety and emergency protocol and procedures.

Duration – 2 days


These teams do not work in the direct guest interface and are therefore often forgotten or left out. These teams play a vital role in supporting the teams that do interact with the guests directly!


With this training we workshop the daily, weekly and monthly responsibilities of this team, we cover the principles of training, the tools needed, different room setups and service, turndowns and refreshers – all according to the establishment’s standards.

This training excludes all cleaning product training, as well as health, safety and emergency protocol and procedures

Duration – 3 days


Although the security team is mainly responsible for the safety of guests/customers, staff and the property, there is a hosting side to it. They are on call throughout the night and should be able to cover the basics of what the guests may need – this may include assisting with housekeeping requirements, making a delicious fresh cup of coffee for someone struggling with jet lag or just the interaction to/from the rooms.

This training excludes all health, safety and emergency protocol and procedures

Duration – 2 days


This team may come across the guests on the pathway or may need to assist with a maintenance problem in the room. There is certain etiquette and sensitivities that are hardly ever trained.

This training excludes all maintenance specific training, health, safety and emergency protocol and procedures

Duration – 1 day